“What’s depression like?” he whispered.

It’s like drowning. Except you can see everyone around you breathing.

It hurts you so bad you can’t breathe anymore.

It’s that what doesn’t kill you, makes you wish it did.

It makes you wonder what the fuck you did wrong to suffer this.

It makes you sad. Everything makes you sad.

It makes you feel worthless.

It makes you feel like nothing.

It makes you numb.

It makes you feel like a failure.

It fucks you up.

It makes you fuck yourself up.

It makes you wish things you shouldn’t be wishing.

It makes you want to be alone.

It makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world.

It makes you push even your best friends away.

It makes you feel like nobody cares about you.

It makes you someone you don't want to be.

It makes you feel like something is trying to kill you on the inside.

What depression is like?

It’s horrible.

But it isn't impossible to survive.

It isn't impossible to make you stronger.

It isn't impossible to see light, just for a moment.

It isn’t impossible to let someone in, as long as you try hard enough.

It isn’t impossible to defeat.

I might haven’t found the ways to do all of those things yet. But I have moments when I’m sure I will.


(nach: http://www.wattpad.com/8826530-what%27s-depression-like-he-asked Ich habe diesen Text nicht selbst verfasst. Ich habe ihn lediglich leicht umgeschrieben und umstrukturiert. Ich habe ihn von der oben genannten Seite, wollte ihn aber unbedingt hier haben, weil er so atemberaubend zauberhaft zu mir passt.)